Vincent was a strong and rugged man who worked long hours and lived life to its fullest. He could handle any obstacle and overcome any difficulty. He was big and strong and capable and had no fear. He was confident and proud. Vincent was the one who picked up the check when friends went out to eat. Vincent was the one who fed and clothed and sheltered his family of seven. He never doubted his ability to take care of himself and take care of his family. His wife never doubted him and his children never doubted him. Vincent was the man.

Vincent loved to ride motorcycles with his wife. They came to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and planned a fabulous vacation together. But Vincent’s life was changed forever by a single act of negligence. After the doctors did all they could do, and after the pain largely went away, Vincent experienced insecurity, vulnerability and fear like he had never felt before. Vincent endured human losses that were so much more important than any of his financial losses. The medical bills mattered and the lost earnings mattered and all the other money issues mattered too. But sometimes it isn’t about the money. It took Vincent a long time to accept the fact that he had lost his strength, vitality and independence. It took him a longer time to summon the strength he needed to share his innermost feelings about those losses. But Vincent’s lawyers took the time to understand what he was telling them, and then they told his story for him using the voices of his family and his closest friends. And Vincent found justice here in South Dakota.